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Obedience (2019)

God says," If you love Me, keep My commandments". ... God is looking for people who love Him enough to obey Him instead of doing their own will. Naturally, it is easy to be so concerned with what I am physically doing that I forget to obey God's commandments. read more

Senbet Zedebrezeit (2019)

As I live says the Lord, I do not wish the sinner to die but to turn back to me and live. read more

5 Mysteries

He says that this will happen because he is going to the his Father. This means that in the days of his flesh he was limited to Palestine, when he had died and risen again, he was liberated from these limitations and his Spirit could work mightily anywhere. read more

Instructions Easter procession (2019)

We address (and give worth worship to) God in words that He himself has given us through the inspired writers of sacred Scripture. And He in turn comes to us - instructing, exhorting and sanctifying us - again through the living Word of the inspired Scriptures. read more

God calls us all the time

Is this not the fast which I choose . . . divide your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into the house; when you see the naked, to cover him . . . give yourself to the hungry . . .(Isaiah 58:6-10). read more

Senbet Zemetzagu Tsom 40 (2019)

To look at life and reform our lives to live each day, knowing that God is with us no matter what happens. read more

Senbet Zemkurab Tsom 40

Jesus objected not the trade as such which was quite legitimate but to it's being done in the temple precincts, my Father's house. Take all this out of here and stop turning my Father's house into a market. read more

Senbet Zeqdst zetsom 40 (2019)

As Christians, we bear the light of Christ to the whole world in our every action. Even when he seems far from us, when we feel most alone, his Spirit is nearby to support and strengthen us in this task. read more

Senbet Zewerede (2019)

The fruit of our speech and actions will wither and die unless we first recognize the plank in our own eye. By humbly admitting our own sins, we can more fruitfully persevere in the work of the Lord. read more

5th Sunday Zeastereyo (2019)

In baptism we are called to mirror and image the mercy and forgiveness the Lord has won for us. As David would not harm Saul, his enemy, so we are challenged to love and pardon those who wrong us. . read more

Kidane Mhret (2019)

Eve shat all her children out of Paradise; the Virgin Mary opened wide its gates. read more

Senbet ZeSimon (2019)

Blessed are they who trust in the Lord. Blessed are they who are poor and who endure insult, for their reward shall be great, eternal life. read more